Walks and Talks in 2016

Our first walk of the year:

Sunday 28 February, Warriewood Wetlands

Warriewood Wetlands has a range of habitats which make it one of Sydney’s birding hotspots. We’ll be looking out for the summer migratory species before they leave Sydney.
When: 8.00am
Where: Meet at Katoa Close, North Narrabeen.
strong>Bring: Binoculars, water, insect repellent, morning tea
Bookings: pnhabirdwatching@gmail.com
Enquiries: 0402 605 721

Dates for your diary:

Sunday 17 April, Deep Creek Reserve, near Narrabeen Lagoon

This quiet waterway is always worth exploring.
When: 8.00am
Where: Meet at the car park at the end of the road into the Reserve off Wakehurst Parkway.

Sunday 21 August, Chiltern Track, Ingleside (birds and wildflowers)

The wildflowers should be in bloom and there will be an expert plant guide on hand. We find birds here such as yellow-tufted honeyeaters, not found on our other walks.
When: 9.00am
Where: Meet at the fire trail gate at the start of the track, nearing the end of Chiltern Rd, Ingleside.

Sunday 25 September, Irrawong Reserve, North Narrabeen

The rainforest habitat at this reserve is renowned for bird species not commonly seen in Pittwater.
When: 8.00am
Where: Meet at the far end of Irrawong Rd, off Garden St, North Narrabeen.

Sunday 27 November, Warriewood Wetlands

At this time of year, there should be plenty to see. The summer migratory species will have arrived and the Wetlands will be home to nesting birds and birds with young.
When: 7.30am
Where: Meet at Katoa Close, North Narrabeen.

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